"Innova has a unique ability to simplify and draw interest to what we do best."
Niklas Larsson, President Expancel, Akzo Nobel

About Innova

Innova works with the world’s leading sustainability companies, advancing technical and business solutions for global industry through marketing communications. Advancing innovations through the power of successful customers.
When your customers honestly tell of their success, including your contribution, prospects listen. Innova provides your marketing and sales team with powerful testimonials for selling faster and supporting pricing.

Corporate ID

Connective Energy--the power of customer successes from across the globe
--or across the street—amplified, condensed to the essence, or told in greater depth.
When your outer ID (identity expressed by customers) equals your inner ID (the essence of your offering), your message has the exceptional power of truth.


Innova excels at articles about industrial success, focusing on sustainability solutions.

Energy savings, recycling, wastewater treatment, innovative chemistry, air quality improvement, process optimization, and innovations with raw materials are the core of our work. Stories in Western languages and Mandarin appear in trade publications, company websites, and annual reports.


Innova reduces your messages to the essence, which become headlines, articles, ad slogans, and tag lines. Keynote addresses for CEOs, too. Storytelling in photos is at the highest level.

No ad campaign can compare to success told through your customers and your best people. Words, photos, video, sales presentations and more are honest and accurate, compelling prospects to action.


Innova’s founder Martin Koepenick, works with your top management and marketing communications team to develop messages and editorial programs. Only experienced writers and photographers meet your customers.

We also develop your own people to perform at a higher level, including engineers and technical people with no previous experience in marketing.

"Dog's Work"

Pitea, Sweden May 2nd, 2011--A team of dogs, each genetically programmed to run, reaches an exalted state, when they take you as their guest on a run through the wilds of Northern Sweden. Gliding across snowy paths through forests of birch, you move up and down hills, around corners at great speed—and feel perfection of movement. The pace of the malamute breed.

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